My best friend
Photo by Sari Solanti
" Ansu "
Fin Ch Pikkupaimenen Angelica

6.3.1983 - 23.4.1999

Pictured above at 15,5 years of age.

Ansu was the very first puppy I ever bred.
We grew up together.

We learned to do obedience together;
never achieved any fantastic results, but we had lots of fun together
at the obedience club trainings and trials.

She was full of fun and personality.
She never left anyone cold. People either loved her or hated her for her weird tricks.
I believe, she truly understood me, even if I didn`t use any words to tell her my thoughts.

She was never a show star, but she had a beauty of her own.
Even though she didn`t fit into breed standard,
she managed to convince the judges, that she was a beauty.
She loved the dog shows. She loved to be the centre of attention.

When we travelled to a dog show, she never wanted to stay at home,
but she would not stay in a crate either.
Her bed was always on the top of the crate, where she was able to
control the situation, and see everything at one glance.
She gained her conformation championship
at the tender age of 12 years, still looking like a puppy.
We celebrated her 14th birthday at her last show,
where she still gained "champion quality".

Ansu had lots of friends, both human and doggy ones.
We celebrated her 16th birthday in March,
with just few of her best friends.

My greatest fear was to loose Ansu while at the hospital myself.
I got the chance to see her few days before she slept away,
peacefully, with no pain, in the company of my parents and my two Border Collies.
She was ready to go.

Rest in peace, my dear one.