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FI Ag Ch  C.I.E. Fin & EE Ch  Pikkupaimenen Golden Arrow
" Jarre "

red and white male
DOB 27.7.2005
owner: Minna Räsänen & breeder

eyes clear at
genetically CEA  clear by parentage
genetically CL clear by parentage
genetically TNS clear by parentage
hip score C/C
elbow score 0/0
patella luxation 0/0
Jarre in Finnish Dog Database


CC, Best of Breed, Best in Group, 3rd Best in Show     Lieksa 29.4.2006     Paivi Eerola, Fin     
CC, Best of Breed    Laukaa 15.7.2006     Soile Bister, Fin
CC, Best of Breed     Lahti   14.1.2007     Paivi Eerola, Fin
CC, CACIB, Best of Opposite Sex      Lahti Int   26.4.2008     Paivi Eerola, Fin
CC, Best of Opposite Sex, Fin Ch     Joensuu   17.5.2008     Elena Ruskovaara, Fin

character test passed

Finnish Agility Champion 2012!  Congratulations Minna & Jarre!!!

Head shot taken at 1 year, side view at 3 years of age.