Hanna Seppa 2009                                                                                  
  Lea Poylio 2004

C.I.E.* & Fin & Am & Est Ch  SW-02  FinW-03,-08,-09  NordW-09  Pikkupaimenen Spy Catcher     TDI , HIC
" Mike "

black and white dog
DOB 5.4.99  -  25.1.2010
owner: Sari Solanti

eyes clear at 6 weeks and 9/2009
gonioscopy normal 9/2009
CEA/CH genotype NORMAL - OptiGen#05-1585
CL tested CLEAR - BRC 2381
TNS tested CLEAR - UNSW_ID  BC1691
hip score A/A
elbows  0/0
patella luxation  0/0
Mike in Finnish Dog Database


Mike is a certified therapy dog with
the Delta Societys Pet Partner program 2000.
He has been herding instinct test certified 2000.

Mike is training to become assistant dog for me, 
and along that he will train also some obedience and tracking.

Character tested.

Photos taken at 5 year (head shot) and almost 10 years (side view)..

Mike won Winners dog and Best of Winners
at Border Collie supported entry show in MA, USA.
In Scandinavia he has gained at least 7 CACIBs plus CC.
He also gained Swedish Winner 2002 title and
Finnish Winner 2003 title ( from  65 entries)
and is qualified for Crufts for 2004 and 2005 for those wins.
He also won very large open class at the World Show 2002.
He stayed out of the ring for many years, but came back in 2008, and
looks better than ever. At 9,5 years he won at Helsinki Winner show
males out of large entry,with a title Winner 2008.

Due to my illness Mike had to stay in USA as long as I stayed at the hospital
for 2,5 years, as long as it took before I got home.
He returned back home in April 2002 at 3 years of age.
Our thanks to Frank Baylis and Wendy Jordan for taking such good  care of him!

Mike has produced 2 litters in USA, 1 litter in Poland,
4 litters in Finland and 5 litters in Great Britain.
All beautiful, healthy litters with excellent temperaments, with lots of working potential.
His litters page will be updated little by little with information of his progeny.