How it all started?

In early 80`s I got my first own dog, Shetland Sheepdog. The first litter was born in 1983, wherefrom I got my very special "Ansu".She just recently celebrated her 16th birthday, and she was sadly lost soon after that.There has been few litters of Shelties since.

I have been involved with Border Collies since 1986, but it was two years later, before I got my first one. "Ace" was worth waiting for. He has been a wonderful companion, and a pleasure to train and trial in obedience. He also had successful showcareer. He was the first Border Collie in Scandinavia (in Europe ?) to win Best in Show at all breeds international championship show in 1989. He ended up winning Best in Group (all breeds) five times, and Best in Show twice. He has also produced 19 conformation champions, obedience trial champion, two agility champions and working trial champion, several others on their way. Ace reached tender age of 15,5 years before I lost him in August 2000, just 6 days after loosing Sally.
In 1990 arrived "Sally" on whelp. She was already six years of age, but did well at shows in veteran classes. Sally lived up to 16 years before we lost her in August 2000. Three of Sally's daughters have continued her lines. There is also the second generation on their way.
Two years later I got "Cola" who is very eager to do obedience and tracking, but has also managed to win Best in Group at an international show. She has just been transferred to veteran classes, and will continue there as well as in obedience trials. She has had lots of influence in my breeding. Her daughters has achieved several Best in Group and Best in Show awards as well as individuals and breeding- and progeny classes. Cola finished as the Border Collie of the Year in 1998 with Best in Show win and 5 Best Veteran in Shows. She also continues trialling in obedience now at the age of 10 years.
When Ansu, Ace and Sally moved to the Rainbow Bridge, only Cola shared the household with me. After 2 years in USA, Mike finally returned to keep Cola and myself company in April 2002.  All the rest of our team live in their own, loving homes. Most of our dogs are training and trialling in obedience, agility, tracking or other forms of working trials. Up to date 82 Pikkupaimenen Border Collies have achieved trial results, three are agility champions, 5 have gained their obedience trial championships and 60 have  championship in conformation. There are many more on their way. Each dog lives a happy life as a familydog. My aim is to breed healthy Border Collies with good temperament and ability to work. It won´t do any harm, if they also look good...