Litters sired by Borderfame Perths Glory

1st litter:
Fin  S OT Ch   Int Fin Ltu Ch Pikkupaimenen Carambola
DOB 26.8.99        2 black & white dogs
dam: Fin OT Ch Int & Fin & Lv Ch BalticW-97 Pikkupaimenen Carambola

Borderlove Secret WeaponBorderlove Strongbow


2nd litter:
Aust  Dk  Ch  Korella Royal Cascade
     DOB  16.2.2000    5 black & white dogs and   1 black and white bitch
     dam: Aust & Dk Ch KbhV-99 Korella Royal Cascade

Sequoyahpark Eye O´the StormAm Ch  Sequoyahpark Storm Warning

3rd litter:
Fin Ch Pikkupaimenen Dainty Sweet
      DOB 29.4.20000    3 black & white dogs and 4 black & white bitches
          dam: Fin Ch Pikkupaimenen Dainty Sweet

Pikkupaimenen Ace VenturaPikkupaimenen All Night LongPikkupaimenen All About YouPikkupaimenen After EightPikkupaimenen Almond Frost
Pikkupaimenen Apricot BrandyPikkupaimenen Apple Ginger

4th litter:
          dam: Fin Ag Ch Int & Fin Ch Briskness Vanessa

5th litter:
Fin Ch Pikkupaimenen Creme Vanilla
     DOB 7.11.2000      1 black and white dog & 5 black and white bitches
            dam: Fin Ch Pikkupaimenen Creme Vanilla

So far  it looks like Pyry is a very good producer, and has produced very typey puppies with bitches from completely different lines. Still, he is young, and now having a time off waiting for his kids to mature. When more of his puppies are hip scored and we see how they turn out in every way, he will peobably be at stud again later.