" Cola "
" Cola "
Int & Aust & Fin & Dk & Est Ch 
FinW-93  WW-98
Borderfame Sheer Delight
DOB 14.5.1989 
breeder: Helena Fitzgerald 
owner: Sari Solanti
Photo by Sari Solanti
Photo by Sari Solanti "Cola" arrived Finland at 3 years of age in 1992. She had 
gained her Australian Championship and she was expecting 
puppies at the time of arrival. While waiting her coat to 
grow back, she started her career in obedience. She won 
her first two trials (altogether 101 dogs) with 98,5% and 
89% of the maximum score. Just a week later she was hurt 
in a car accident, and stayed home waiting her broken pelvis 
to heal properly. She attended a couple of shows later that 
year, gaining Finnish Winner -93 title, and two Best of Breeds. Meanwhile her first three daughters were developing beautifully.
Photo by Sari Solanti
Int & Fin & Dk & Est Ch BIS Ch 
Pikkupaimenen Cherry Coctail

Fin OT Ch   Int & Fin Ch 
Pikkupaimenen Cinnamon Twist
Photo by Ella Lamusuo
Int & Fin & Dk Ch BIS Ch FinW-94 EuW-97 NordW-97 CbhW-97 JK 1
 Pikkupaimenen Coconut Cream
All 3 daughters of Cola's first litter (sire Aust Ch Sheermyst Sonofa Tart) gained their Finnish and International Championship -titles easily. They have up to date gained altogether 12 Best Exhibit in Group -wins, and numerous in Group -placements. All of them compete also in performance trials, obedience, agility and/or tracking. They all were hip scored excellent or good, and they all have been eye tested clear. All 3 passed their character tests with excellent marks.
"Cola" continued trialling in obedience. In 1994 she 
attended 3 obedience trials, this time in class 2. 
She gained first prize in each of them, being placed 
1st, 2nd and 3rd in her class. She was transferred to 
class 3. She was very sparingly shown, but gained 
Best Exhibit in Group in one of her few shows. 
Despite her earlier injury she was hip scored good. 
We had finally found a suitable fiancee for her, and 
performed artificial insemination with imported 
frozen semen. 
Photo by Sari Solanti
Photo by Sari Solanti
Int & Fin & Est Ch WW-96 FinW-01
Pikkupaimenen Cascade Kid
Photo by Sari Solanti
Int & Fin & Nl Ch EuW-95 
BdSg-95 AmsW-95 FinW-96 
Pikkupaimenen Chips`n Fish
Photo by Sari Solanti
Fin Ch 
Pikkupaimenen Coala
Photo by Sari Solanti
Pikkupaimenen Cinzano  (cc)
Photo by Sari Solanti
Fin OT Ch  Int & Fin Ch 
Pikkupaimenen Cabriolet
Photo by Sari Solanti
Int & Fin & Lv Ch BalticW-97 
Fin & S OT Ch Pikkupaimenen Carambola
Cola's second litter was out of Aust Ch Minimbah Hot Lyric. There were 6 daughters born. All of them were eye tested clear and hip scored either excellent or good. Up to date 4 of them has gained International Championship, 5 are Finnish Champions and every single one has gained CC`s. All of them has passed character test with very good results. 5 of them are trialling in one or more forms of performance trials , two of them just gained her obedience trial championship.
Photo by Sari Solanti "Cola" is the kind of dog you never can take seriously. She 
loves to play tricks with everything, and it is very hard to get 
angry with her. She has destroyed lot more than any of my 
dogs together, and we are still hoping her to grow up... We 
played "hide a titbit to a cardboard box", and the following day 
she had found 15 kilograms of titbits hidden to a large container! 
She is also very strong producer. She doesn't only produce 
her beauty, health and workability, but she also produces the special 
skill to spill water bowls, to open doors, to show ones tongue 
while sleeping and to herd corydoras. She has got her bad habits, too; 
she just can't resist fish food, raw eggs, cod liver oil or bananas...
Photo by Sari Solanti
Fin Ch Pikkupaimenen
Photo by Johanna Allanach
Dk & Fin Ch KBHW-97 SW-01  LP1
Pikkupaimenen Chocolate Shake
Photo by Sari Solanti
Pikkupaimenen Cointreau (2x cc)
& Fin & Est Ch P. Cuba Libre
Cola's third litter was born in 1996, 2 girls and this time also 2 boys. The third one we lost at very young age. The sire was Int & Aust & Fin & Rus & Est Ch NordW-97 Korella Voodoo Drummer.  They all have been eye tested clear and hip scored either excellent or good. All 4 of them are successfully competing in agility or/and Obedience trials.
Cola has been exceptional producer. She has passed 
her own beauty, health and incredible temperament to 
her progeny stronger than any other dog I have met. 
Her daughters has been awarded Best Progeny Group 
in Show and Best Breeders Group in Show several times, including Helsinki international, the biggest show in Finland. The most valuable thing is that she doesn't 
produce just beauty, but her champion progeny is also constantly winning in performance trials. 
Photo by Sari Solanti
Photo by Sari Solanti Cola had one more litter. Her twin daughters were born 
in 1997. They are still young, but both of them made 
their presence known at the first puppy show they have 
attended so far. Just watch out, but don`t even try to 
catch them - that's just waste of time!
Left Int & Fin & Est Ch Pikkupaimenen Creamy Delight and right
Fin Ch BH Pikkupaimenen Creme Vanilla, both successfully competing
in obedience and Nasta also in agility. Both of them have clear eyes 
and they are dysplasia free. Both of them have passed character test.
Cola is now retired from her maternal duties, so now is her time to concentrate in conformation 
shows and obedience. In 1998 she gained not only World Winner -title, but also 5 times best Veteran in Show and twice 2nd best Veteran in Show. We hope to continue in class 3 obedience still this spring. Meanwhile she looks after her grand kids and greatgrandkids. There is no doubt that she is very proud of each one of them. She just doesn't quite understand what "aging" means - she is still a puppy both in body and mind!
Photo by Riikka Tanhua
Photo by Sari Solanti
At the FCI World Dog Show 1998 in Helsinki 
Cola gained title World Winner -98 
and finished as Best of Breed out of 81 entries! 
Reserve bitch was her daughter 
Ch Pikkupaimenen Cabriolet. 
Two weeks later she continued by winning 
Best Veteran in Show 
at Kangasniemi all breeds ch show, and she gained that same title again 2 weeks after that at Mäntsälä all breeds ch show.
After that she finished the year with 1 Best Exhibit in Show,
2 times Best in Group, 5 times best Veteran in Show plus
numerous in Group -placements. Not bad for a grandma of
9 years of age.