Maccabee Border Collies
 Ella Lamusuo

Ch Pikkupaimenen Coconut Cream and Ch Maccabee Busy Miss Me, Photo by Ella Lamusuo,

Pictured left Int & Fin & Dk & PL Ch FinW-94 EuW-97 NordW-97 KBHW-97 JK 2 Pikkupaimenen Coconut Cream
pictured right  Int & Fin Ch EuW-00 BH  Maccabee Busy Miss Me
both owned by Ella Lamusuo, Maccabee Border Collies

The first Maccabee litter was born 15.12.1997  (3dogs, 2bitches)

Int & Fin Ch 
NordW-01 FinW-01
Blue Peter 
Fin Ch  JK 2 BH Maccabee 
Billy Wagtail 
Int & Fin Ch 
EuW-00  BH
Busy Miss Me 
Int & Fin & Ltu Ch 
BH  JK 1  FH 2
Bilberry Cream 
sire:  Aust & Am Ch Trumagik Tartan Scott
dam: Int & Fin & Dk Ch FinW-94 EuW-97 NordW-97 KbhW-97 Pikkupaimenen Coconut Cream

All of the first  Maccabee kids have been officially eye tested CEA clear and
hip scored A and elbows clear 0/0.  All of them are also training and competing
in performance activities, including obedience, agility and tracking.

The second Maccabee litter was born 4.8.2002.

Rythem Divine
sire: Aust Ch Khayoz Rythem NSoul
dam: Int & Fin Ch EuW-00 BH Maccabee Busy Miss Me

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