Agility "titles"

There are numerous Pikkupaimenen Border Collies competing in agility. As there is only one official title also in agility, I decided to introduce their achievements here. Agility has become one of the most popular form of dog sports here in Finland among all breeds, which makes passing any class a great achievement for any dog these days.
        Trials are in 3 levels, all divided into 2 separate classes depending on the size of the dog. In maxi dog class where all Border Collies compete  are dogs  at withers 40 centimeters or more.
        To pass class 1 you need to get 3 tickets, which you get by having either clear round or maximum 5 faults with no excess time. That ticket is called KUMA in Finnish. To pass class 2 you need to have again 3 tickets from class two, but there  KUMA is not enough as in class 1 but you get the qualifying ticket only by clear round AND by placing within the top three in class. And finally, when in class 3, you can gain your agility championship by having three wins with clear runs, so that there is at least one year and one day between the first and last win. Also for the title you need to have a certain result from the conformation ring, too, but like in obedience, that is the easiest part :-) . In all classes you get the special mention KUMA if you get either clear round or max 5 faults with no excess time.
        As there are lots of excellent results done well before the long awaited title is gained, I believe it is only fair to tell what these dogs have done so far. I have listed Agility Champions under that title. Under title maxi III I have listed dogs that have passed class 2 and gained at least their first "KUMA" from class 3. I have also listed legs for the championship when gained. Under maxi II I have listed dogs that have passed class 1 and have at least their first KUMA in class 2, and under maxi I are dogs that are competing in that class and have gained at least their first leg for class 2.

Agility Champions

Ag Ch Int & Fin & Est Ch WW-98  Pikkupaimenen Salainen Ace    "Sami"
Ag Ch Fin & Est Ch  JK 1  Pikkupaimenen Last Temptation      "Tessa"
Ag Ch  Pikkupaimenen Sir Titanium   "Osku"
Ag Ch Int & Fin & Est Ch Borderfame Perths Glory     "Pyry"

maxi III dogs

Fin & Est Ch BH Pikkupaimenen Shandy     "Källi"
Fin & S OT Ch Int & Fin & LV Ch  Pikkupaimenen Carambola  "Fanta"    (1st leg)
Int & Fin & NL Ch EuW-95 Pikkupaimenen Chips´n Fish  "Kati"    (1st leg)
Fin Ch JK 3 Pikkupaimenen Lamb-A-Da     "Jessi"     (1st leg)
Pikkupaimenen Twist and Shout     "Spooky"
Pikkupaimenen Chase the Wind     "Windy"
Pikkupaimenen Summer Breeze     "Tuike"
JK 2  Pikkupaimenen Sir Thorium     "Jesse"  (1st leg for his championship!)
Int & Fin & Ch  Pikkupaimenen Picasso     "Piku"
Fin Ch Afromines Last Chance     "Sunny"
Int & Fin Ch Maccabee Blue Peter     "Niko"
Fin Ch Pikkupaimenen Creme Vanilla     "Nasta"

maxi II dogs

LP 1 Pikkupaimenen Peach Delight   "Meghann"
Pikkupaimenen Dream Maker     "Otto"
Pikkupaimenen Sweet´n Special     "Demi"
Fin Ch Pikkupaimenen Creamy Delight     "Inka"
Int & Fin Ch Pikkupaimenen Dapper Dame     "Taava"
Fin & Est Ch BH Pikkupaimenen Cuba Libre     "Rontti"
Fin Ch Pikkupaimenen Dainty Sweet     "Daja"
Fin OT Ch Int & Fin Ch Pikkupaimenen Cinnamon Twist     "Pepsi"
Fin & Rus Ch Pikkupaimenen Lady Thallium     "Daro"
Fin & Est Ch JK 1  Pikkupaimenen One Man Show     "Jedi"

maxi I dogs

Pikkupaimenen Sweet Dreams     "Ninni"
Pikkupaimenen Blizzard     "Epsa"
Int & Fin Ch BH Pikkupaimenen Zoom the Moon     "Ziggy"
Int & Fin & Est Ch SW-98  Pikkupaimenen Maple Cream     "Frisco"
Fin OT Ch Int & Fin Ch HK 1  Pikkupaimenen Cabriolet     "Prisse"