Our brood bitches
Our breeding stock is based on four Australian imports and their progeny. Pikkupaimenen Border Collies are hip scored and eye tested before they are bred from. Most of the littermates and relatives are also tested even if they are not used for breeding. Our litters are born from following bitches, all but Sally and Sheer Delight living in breeding terms. All of them are expertly trained, trialed and shown by their families.  I have marked as "co-owned" the bitches that have been on breeding terms. After their litter(s) these bitches are owned solely by these wonderful friends.  Dogs marked as "owned by" have been owned by those friends alone since they were pups, but the litter has been planned together and ,y friends have owned the puppies but registered them under my prefix. Carefully chosen stud dogs are used to complement our bitch line.
          Health and temperament has always been the most important factor for us. Every litter has been eye tested at the age of 6-7 weeks. All eye results and hip scores are public. Only dogs with normal health status are used for breeding.
          Here you can see all our brood bitches in the past 10 years, which means every bitch we have bred. Also each litter that bitch has produced has been listed. To visit the dam, click on either her name or her picture. If you want to see the whole litter at once, click the link "litter to." where it exists. These links will be added as soon as new pages has been made.
Sally Aust Ch Wagaway Sally
* litter by Minimbah Hot Pursuit   (pedigree)
* litter by Minimbah Showdown     (pedigree)
* litter by Minimbah Hot Lyric     (pedigree)
Cola Int & Aust & Fin & Dk & Est Ch  Borderfame Sheer Delight    "CDX"
* litter by Sheermyst Sonofa Tart    (pedigree)
* litter by Minimbah Hot Lyric      (pedigree)
* litter by Korella Voodoo Drummer     (pedigree)
* litter by Pikkupaimenen Salainen Ace     (pedigree)
Dina Int & Fin Ch Pikkupaimenen Paw Print   "UD"     HD A2
co-owned with Sari Kankainen & Jarmo Varjonen
* litter by Minimbah Showdown     (pedigree)
* Afromines litter by Minimbah Sir Galahad
Roxy Int & Fin & Dk & Est Ch Pikkupaimenen Show`em Sally "CD"  HD A2
co-owned with Anna Dumell
* litter by Marsean Second Chance     (pedigree)
* litter by  Maccabee Blue Peter     (pedigree)
Debby Int & Fin & Est Ch Pikkupaimenen Sandstorm     HD B1
co-owned with Piia Koriseva
* litter by Minimbah Sir Galahad     (pedigree)
Oona Int & Fin & Dk & Est Ch Pikkupaimenen Cherry Coctail  "CD"  HD A
co-owned with Lea Pöyliö
* litter by Pikkupaimenen Dash of Pepper     (pedigree)
* litter by Minimbah Showdown     (pedigree)
Mette Int & Fin & Dk Ch FinW-94 EuW-97 NordW-97 KbhW-97 JK1
Pikkupaimenen Coconut Cream  "CDX"      HD B2
co-owned with Ella Lamusuo
* litter by Minimbah Showdown     (pedigree)
* Maccabee litter by Trumagik Tartan Scott     (pedigree)
Pepsi Fin OT Ch  Int & Fin Ch Pikkupaimenen Cinnamont Twist  "AD"   HD A
owners: Iris Juusela & Juha Hakala
* litter by Pikkupaimenen Dash of Pepper     (pedigree)
Toti Int & Fin & Est Ch WW-96 Pikkupaimenen Cascade Kid  "CD"    HD A
owner: Jaana Hartus
* litter by Pikkupaimenen Salainen Ace     (pedigree)
* litter by Borderfame Bravo     (pedigree)
Piccola Fin Ch Pikkupaimenen Coala     HD A
co-owned with Tuovi Lehtola
* litter by Minimbah Showdown     (pedigree)
Hertta Fin Ch Pikkupaimenen Miss Tellurium     HD B
co-owned with Leena Uusitalo
Trained search and rescue dog
* litter by Clan-Abby NZ-Kiwi-Phantom     (pedigree)
* litter by Pikkupaimenen Copyright     (pedigree)
Dada Fin Ch FinW-97  VK 1   Pikkupaimenen Mette Davis  "CD"    HD A
co-owned with Heli Simojoki
* litter by Khayoz Rythem NSoul     (pedigree
Daja Fin Ch Pikkupaimenen Dainty Sweet  "UD"  "AD"     HD B
Owners:  Sari Kankainen  & Jarmo Varjonen
* Afromines litter by Marsean Second Chance
* Afromines litter by Clan-Abby NZ-Kiwi-Phantom
* litter by Borderfame Perths Glory     (pedigree)
Whizz Fin & Dk Ch KbhW-98 Pikkupaimenen Chocolate Shake  "CD"   HD B2
co-owned with Johanna Allanach,  Denmark
* litter by Maccabee Bobbysocs     (pedigree)
Sophie Pikkupaimenen Wild Delight    HD A
co-owned with Anna Dumell
* litter by  Glentress Satlink     (pedigree)
Nasta Fin Ch  Pikkupaimenen Creme Vanilla     HD B
co-owned with Miia Mustonen
* litter by Borderfame Perths Glory      (pedigree)
Jojo Int & Fin Ch FinW-98,-99,-00 NordW-99 Borderfame Talk Oth Town  HD A
co-owned with Riikka Tanhua & Jari Seppälä
* litter by Maccabee Blue Peter       (pedigree)
Jeeves Pikkupaimenen Cherry Sling     HD  A
co-owned with Lea Pöyliö
* litter by Sequoyahpark Eye Oth Storm        (pedigree)
These bitches have helped us develope Pikkupaimenen Border Collies. We have tried to build and maintain as high quality a bitch line as possible, and for these bitches we have tried to find as good quality  stud as possible. Based on a long, long time of investigating various dogs in other countries and continents we have used foreign dogs when needed. Occasionally the suitable dog has been found in our own country. The idea all the time has been to find the most suitable stud, no matter where he is located.
          The use of foreign stud dogs has been advantageous to our breeding program by offering new bloodlines and widening the gene pole. The work done before deciding on their suitability requires lots of hard work, and expense far more than I can afford. That's why I spend months, if not years, looking at videos, searching for information on the progeny of those dogs in obedience and agility, finding out about their health and structure, the characteristics they have produced, etc.

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