Obedience "titles"

This page has got a whole new name, which will probably need an explanation.
We have got many clever obedience dogs, and lots of obedience competitions, too.  But there is one thing we are lacking at the time being. We do have only one obedience title that a dog can gain. And there are pretty strict regulations for that one and only title.  First you have to pass 4 different classes from numerous different judges. And before you gain the long awaited title Obedience Trial Champion, you need to gain certain result from the conformation show. That means, that your dog need not only to be  a pure bred dog but also entire, to be able to compete in conformation here in Finland. Being pure bred or entire is not always that big a problem, but it sure would be nice to gain something already before those 11 first prizes, which do require quite a bit of work. As there are lots of owners working hard with their dogs, I have decided to list "so called titles", something like they would gain if they were competing in another country. I hope no-one gets offended of this, and realize that these "titles" are inofficial honours to the clever handlers and trainers of these dogs.
        I list dogs with "CD" when they have passed our novice class, or class 1. 1st prize is gained with 160 points or more out of maximum 200. I list dogs with "CDX" when they have passed our open class. That is also 160 points or more out of 200. "UD" means passing class 3. That means 255 or more points out of 320. Finally the OT Ch, Obedience Trial Champion is gained with 3 firsts in elit class, class 4, with 255 points or more of maximum 320. That requires also certain result from the conformation which is far easier to gain than there obedience points!
        Meet our clever obedience dogs here!

Fin OT Ch Fin Ch Pikkupaimenen Ace Ventura   "Elke"
Fin OT Ch Pikkupaimenen Twist´n Shout      "Spooky"
S & FIN OT Ch  Int & Fin & LV Ch BalticW-97 Pikkupaimenen Carambola     "Fanta"
S OT Ch Pikkupaimenen Wildest Dreams     "Issi"
Fin OT Ch  Int & Fin Ch  Pikkupaimenen Cinnamon Twist     "Pepsi"
Fin OT Ch  Int & Fin Ch  Pikkupaimenen Cabriolet     "Prisse"


Pikkupaimenen Sweet Dreams "UD"     "Ninni"
Fin Ch  Pikkupaimenen Dream On  "UD"     "Onni"
Fin Ch  Pikkupaimenen Trick or Treat  "UD"     "Wanni"
Int & Fin & Dk Ch W-94 EuW-97 NordW-97 Pikkupaimenen Coconut Cream  TD "UD"  "Mette"
Int & Fin & Nl Ch EuW-95 BdSg-95 AmsW-95 W-96 Pikkupaimenen Chips`n Fish  "UD"  "Kati"
Pikkupaimenen Cointreau "UD"     "Jesse
Fin & Est Ch EstW-98  Pikkupaimenen One Man Show  TD  "UD"     "Jedi"
Fin & Est Ch BH Pikkupaimenen Shandy  "UD"     "Källi"
Fin Ch Pikkupaimenen Dainty Sweet  "UD"     "Daja"
Fin Ag Ch  Int & Fin & Est Ch WW-98  Pikkupaimenen Salainen Ace  "UD"     "Sami"
Int & Fin Ch  Pikkupaimenen Paw Print  "UD"     "Dina"
Int & Fin & Est Ch BH Pikkupaimenen Pick of the Pack  "UD"     "Kipi"


Pikkupaimenen Newshound "CDX"   "Jimmy"
Pikkupaimenen Summer Breeze   "CDX"   "Tuike"
BH Pikkupaimenen Sombrero "CDX"     "Ruuti"
Fin Ch Pikkupaimenen Wanda  "CDX"     "Wanda"
HK 3 JK 1  BH Pikkupaimenen Whispering Wind  "CDX"     "Wilma"
JK 1 BH  Pikkupaimenen Pieces o´Dreams "CDX"     "Hulda"
Pikkupaimenen Dream Maker "CDX"     "Otto"
Pikkupaimenen C´mon Sally  "CD"     "Spot"
Ch BH Maccabee Billy Wagtail "CD"    "Velmu"
Ch BH Maccabee Busy Miss Me "CDX"    "Noddy"
Maccabee Bobbysocks  "CDX"     Juku"
Ch BH Maccabee Bilberry Cream "CDX"    "Nana"
Int & Fin & Est Ch  Pikkupaimenen Creamy Delight  "CDX"     "Inka"
Fin & Est Ch BH Pikkupaimenen Cuba Libre  "CDX"     "Rontti"
Fin Ch Pikkupaimenen Chase the Wind "CDX"     "Windy"
Fin Ch Pikkupaimenen Special Effect  "CDX"     "Tinka"
Int & Fin & Est Ch SW-98  Pikkupaimenen Maple Cream  "CDX"     "Frisco"
Fin Ch  Pikkupaimenen Milky Way  "CDX"     "Vili"
Dk & Est Ch  Pikkupaimenen Dash of Pepper  "CDX"     "Chili"
Int & Fin Ch VK 1  Pikkupaimenen Living Legend   "CDX"     "Nuuska"
Int & Aust & Fin & Dk & Est Ch W-93 WW-98 Borderfame Sheer Delight  "CDX"   "Cola"
Int & Aust & Fin & Dk Ch WW-89,-91 EuW-91 W-90,-92 Minimbah Showdown  "CDX"    "Ace"


Pikkupaimenen Almond Frost "CD"   "Jade"
Pikkupaimenen Cool Operator "CD"   "Iippo"
Pikkupaimenen New Delight "CD"   "Molly"
Pikkupaimenen Newsflash "CD"   "Panda"
LP 1 Pikkupaimenen Peach Delight CGC   "CD"   "Meghann"
Int & Fin Ch FinW-98,-99,-00 NordW-99 Borderfame Talk OTh Town  "CD"     "Jojo"
Fin Ch BH Pikkupaimenen Creme Vanilla "CD"     "Nasta"
Int & Fin & Est Ch Pikkupaimenen Cherry Sling "CD"     "Jeeves"
Fin Ch JK 3 Pikkupaimenen Copyright "CD"     "Mikki"
Pikkupaimenen Scarlet O`Hara "CD"     "Ami"
BH Pikkupaimenen Wild Delight "CD"     "Sophie"
Pikkupaimenen Touchdown  "CD"     "Minttu"
Pikkupaimenen Wellington "CD"     "Robi"
Int & Fin & Est Ch BH Pikkupaimenen Zoom the Moon "CD"     "Ziggy"
Pikkupaimenen Zephyr "CD"     "Pepe"
Dk & Fin Ch KbhW-98 LP 1 Pikkupaimenen Chocolate Shake  "CD"     "Whizz"
Fin Ch Pikkupaimenen Cappuccina "CD"     "Cina"
Pikkupaimenen Autumn Colours "CD"     "Redi"
Pikkupaimenen Blizzard "CD"     "Epsa"
Pikkupaimenen Sweet´n Special  "CD"     "Demi"
JK 2  Pikkupaimenen Sir Thorium "CD"     "Jesse"
Fin Ag Ch  Pikkupaimenen Sir Titanium "CD"     "Osku"
Fin Ch FinW-97 VK 1  Pikkupaimenen Mette Davis  "CD"     "Dada"
Int & Fin & Est Ch WW-96 FinW-01 Pikkupaimenen Cascade Kid  "CD"     "Toti"
Fin Ch HK 2 Pikkupaimenen Dynamite Dandy  "CD"     "Dandy"
Int & Fin & Dk & Est Ch Pikkupaimenen Cherry Coctail  "CD"     "Oona"
Fin Ch JK 3 Pikkupaimenen Lamb-A-Da  "CD"     "Jessi"
Int & Fin & Dk & Est Ch EuJW-92 Pikkupaimenen Show`em Sally  "CD"     "Roxy"
Fin & Est Ch JK 1  Pikkupaimenen Show Must Go On  "CD"     "Jasse"
Fin Ch VK 2 Pikkupaimenen Seven of Spades  "CD"     "Perro"
Fin Ch Pikkupaimenen Mr Pickwick "CD"     "Piki"