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Our dogs in breeding terms / co-ownership

I only have two or three dogs at home, and they live with me as long as they have days to live. Hopefully very long, as I know nothing better than wise old dogs, that can read your thoughts and are the best ones in the world to teach younger dogs too. When dear old Cola left us at the age of 15,5 years, I was left with Mike and Tuisku. To make sure that every dog get enough activities, training and attention, all the other dogs that I breed with, live in their own families, where they are the only dog or they have just a dog or two to keep them company. None of our dogs lives in kennels. All of ours litters also grows in bedrooms and livingrooms, in the middle of families and attention, ordinary daily activities where they are offered lots of extra socialization. We never have two litters at the same time so that we can offer all our attention and energy towards this one litter and make sure all of itīs members will get the best possible start for the future life.

I started my breeding with three imports, Ace, the boy who started it all. Two years later followed Sally in whelp, who had proved in Australia to be a great producer, and who ended up being a great member of my parents for the next 10 years. Two years after Sally arrived Cola, also in whelp, and these three dogs, the theasures they brought in their tummy, and litters they produced both to live sires and to frozen imported semen was what formed Pikkupaimenen breeding.

My other imports
I imported Cola from Australia to improve the breed here in Finland, and to follow her footsteps I have - 6 years later, early 1998 - imported the next one, Jojo, who has proven to be not only an outstanding bitch herself, but also an excellent producer. Due to my health situation Jojo moved to my friends Riikka and Jari to get enough activities to keep a young Border Collie happy. Jojo lives in a co-ownership, and fall 2001 she had her first litter. After that we had some time out to see how the first litter matured. Meanwhile she concentrated doing obedience, agility and occassional conformation shows with Riikka and Jari. Due to lack of good enough studs her second litter was born in 2004.
Summer 2001 we imported another little girl, Skippy, along with my friends Piia and Kari. Her first litter was born in 2005.
We are now eagerly waiting to see how they will mature. 
Along with Mike in 2002 travelled from the States Zip, a real world citizen. She was made in Australia, born in Texas and lives in Finland. Zip lives with Sari and does all sorts of activities in the field of dog sports. Zip had her first and only litter in january 2006. Unfortunately she lost her uterus and canīt have another litter.
In 2005 arrived Isa from Great Britain and Tara from United States to bring back something we had sent out there earlier. Isa is Mike daughter from a british girl from the visit he had out there. Tara is a Twist daughter to a really handsome American boy. So both of them bring 50% new blood into our breeding program if everything else turns out to be OK for breeding.
In November 2006 arrived little Gia from the UK. Full of energy and happiness, ready to charm everyone. Again, 50% our own
breeding as her sire is Cruise, and 50& totally new blood from Tonkory kennels. Real little powerhouse !  

Int Fin Ch FinW-98,-99,-00 NORDW-99 Borderfame Talk Oth Town

Fidelis Youīve Got Mail




Tonkory Livin Dangerously


The boys in co-ownership
I have got several Border Collie boys in co-ownership. Ziggy here in Finland.  Ziggy is trained and exhibited by his co-owners, and Ziggy also competes in obedience, agility and relay with his owner. Panda lives in co-ownership with Anna, Taina and Mauri. Blue and white boy Jouko co-owned with Minna and his littermate Player in co-ownership with Joan are both littermates of my own Tuisku. Watch out for them both in performance and conformation rings! For some reason I ended up co-owning also three of Tuiskuīs sons... ggg. Touho with Jari & Riikka and Jarre with Minna here in Finland, and Cruise with Heather in Great Britain. But before them, I left in co-ownership also Junnu in Great Britain, and one of Mike-sons, Lennon, both with Heather.

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Pikkupaimenen News Flash

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Locheil the Real Blend

Pikkupaimenen Great Pretender at Locheil

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EuJW-06 Pikkupaimenen Golden Legend

Kaeleon In the Limelight

The girls in co-ownership
Always when I breed a litter, I breed it if the combination is so interesting that I would want to keep a puppy from it for my future breeding. That doesnīt mean that I necessarily do keep one, as I hardly ever have chance to keep one at home, but I do very often keep my favourite in breeding terms to keep myself the possibility to continue her lines in the future IF she turns out to be healthy enough, have suitable temperament, have good enough structure etc. There are many things to see after placing this little bunch of fur in breeding terms, but as always with a puppy, you never can be sure how she will grow up. You need to take your chances. 

I am under process of finishing this part of, and will soon add the pictures of these bitches on breeding terms, now you can only see the links to their pages...

Pikkupaimenen Heaven Sent   "Riffi"   (2 x CC, 1 x CACIB)
Fin OT Ch Int & Fin Ch HK2 TK2  BH Pikkupaimenen Golden News   "Ruska"
Fin Ch Pikkupaimenen Zabaglion   "Elli"  
Pikkupaimenen The Next Page   "Tazma"  (2 x CC)
Pikkupaimenen The Latest News   "Ihq"   (1 x CC, class 3 obedience, class 3 agility where 3 clear rounds)
Pikkupaimenen Tiger Lily   "Saga"   (2 x CC, class 2 agility)
Pikkupaimenen Tai Chi   "Cini"    (4 x CC, 1 x CACIB)

In average every second of the pic pups I have placed on breeding terms will be bred by us one day, as we try to choose the very best ones for breeding. As a dog every single one is equally good and they do not become any better by having a litter. The question just is to try to find the bitch that can produce healthier Border Collies with better workability and temperament as well as structure than others. Naturally mated to the most suitable stud we can find. Sometimes we can find it in Fnland. Sometimes it takes us to organize the stud or semen from Europe, Australia or America. We try to get the most suitable stud, wherever it is, if we can afford it or not.
        Over the years some of my friends have also co-bred a litter with me. That means that we have planned a litter together, my friends have bred the litter but the puppies do carry my prefix. In those cases I don´t own the dam nor the pups, they are just bred in co-operation. There have also been many litters bred under other prefixes we have planned together, as I believe there is lot of strength in co-operation.

To read more about our previous brood bitches, you can visit my  breeding page.  There you`ll see the bitches that have been on breeding terms and have had "my litter" and now belong to their "real" owners. In other words, there you can see all the bitches I have used for breeding so far. I havenīt updated that list for a while, but you can see where we have started, and lot of information. You can also find those litters that have belonged to my friends but just carry my prefix.
        At that page you can also see the health statistics of all the dogs I have bred so far. At the individual pages of each dog you can see their personal hip scores and eye test results, as well good as bad ones.